Digital Marketing Action Plan

Kleen Springs, LLC

Our team of talented marketing experts analyzed your business’s web presence and digital impact on the local market. Below you will find a list of action items we’ve created to help grow your business by attracting more online leads. 

Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google

Rebuild your website with a focus on Search Engine Optimization. For optimal search engine ranking results, your website will need: Proper page structure, keyword optimized page titles and meta description, xml sitemap, SSL key, proper use of "H" tags, robots.txt file, compressed image files and high authority backlinks.

Get More Inquiries from Your Website

Redesign your website to increase the amount of daily inbound inquiries. For optimal website conversion results, your website will need: professional graphic design, multiple commitment-based lead capture mechanisms and an automated chatbot.

Re-engage Your Lost Website Visitors

Up to 97% of your website visitors leave without making contact. Website Visitor Retargeting allows you to re-engage these lost visitors on social media and popular websites. Retargeted website visitors are 81% more likely to become paying customers.

Get in Front of The People Looking for Your Service

Advertising on Google Search Result page give you the ability to get your website on page 1 without waiting for for search engine optimization to take effect. For optimal results your campaign will need: accurate selection of included/excluded keywords, proper bidding strategy and budget allocation.

Leverage Social Media to Attract New Customers.

Advertising on Social Media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, give you the ability to promote your business to people based on: location, gender, age, income, interests and more. For optimal results test: Ad type (image, video, etc...), Call-to-action (Call, submit form, live chat, etc...)

Build a List

Capturing emails on your website gives you the ability to connect with and nurture your audience via automated emails. For optimal email marketing results you will need: informative/educational content to share, monthly offers and automation schedule.

Connect with Website Visitors Instantly

Multiple studies show that just a 5 minute delay in responding to a website inquiry reduces your likely of turning that person into a customer by 70%. Automated website chatbots allow you to answer your website visitor's questions and collect contact information 24/7.

If you have questions or would like help implementing any of the action items outlined in this plan, feel free to contact us!